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SportDisciple Brand Apparel 

Through a vision and goal to provide living wage jobs for Haitians and support our program, SportDisciple has partnered with Life S.A. to produce its personal line of SportDisciple Apparel.  Together, we are able to provide living wage jobs for Haitians, financial resources to help fund schools, orphanages & build sport fields around the nation of Haiti and in the future, internationally.  Our primary focus is athletic uniforms & performance wear.  In 2017, we plan on beginning our marketing campaign to schools, sports clubs & youth organizations.

Offers living wages to all production workers
•  Earn more than double the minimum wage in Haiti
•  Receive health benefits for themselves and their families
•  Transportation (tap tap) to/from the factory is paid
•  Bonus opportunities are available
•  Living wages keep families together, providing jobs to

Ergonomically Designed
•  Lighting
•  Chairs and desk heights unique to worker
•  Cleanliness is a high priority
•  Break times mandatory
•  Overtime pay offered if required

  "Offers living wages to all production workers”
  Uses Dye Sublimation state-of-the-art technology
Computer Designed:
The customer's design is programmed into the application and edited on the screen. The proof is sent to the customer for final approval and the green light to start the sublimation process.
This "roll-to-toll" dye sublimation laser machine is the only one like it in the country of Haiti. The rolls of white material are fed into the machine and the jersey color and design are burned into the fabric.
Once the fabric is done, it is rolled out onto a very long table so that many Haitian workers can begin the cutting process.

Contact Barrett at [email protected] for more information or to place an order.