To develop an international, multi-sport, Christian Discipleship program that raises a new generation of selfless Christian leaders.​

Reaching 1300+ of kids since July 4, 2015
Haitian Kids Playing
Teams Ages 4-19
Meals Served Per Week
The Program
  1. Welcoming and encouraging the kids daily
    Welcoming and encouraging the kids daily
    The kids wait patiently at the gate for soccer to start. Once the gates open, the coaches welcome the kids giving them hugs, high fives and encouraging words.
  2. Filling the kids with hope thru prayer
    Filling the kids with hope thru prayer
    Each day the coaches start their time with the kids by gathering them together as a team. The coaches teach and pray with the kids daily.
  3. Filling the kids up spiritually thru life-giving stories and lessons
    Filling the kids up spiritually thru life-giving stories and lessons
    Collectively, the kids are filled up spiritually thru prayer, song and inspirational talks. Barrett, Richie and the coaches take turns sharing stories about Jesus, teaching the kids how to be a good person, the importance of helping others, and respecting authority, their teachers, their families and their friends and so much more. The goal is to instill christian values into the kids and to help them grow into responsible, kind and overall good men and women of God.
  4. Teaching the kids futbol, teamwork and so much more.
    Teaching the kids futbol, teamwork and so much more.
    Scrimmages between teams happen after all teams are done warming up. The coaches talk about a game strategy, pick a starting line-up and goalie, act as referees as well as coaches and scrimmage for about 30 minutes.
  5. Feeding the kids nutritional meals
    Feeding the kids nutritional meals
    The MN non-profit, Feed My Starving Children provides a meal for each player each time they are participating in the program. That meal provides each boy and girl all the nutritional value needed for the entire day. For some of the kids, this is their only meal they eat for 2-3 days or longer.
  6. Strengthening the kids physically
    Strengthening the kids physically
    The kids move to the fields and begin stretching and warming up for their practice and scrimmage. They do jumping jacks, stretches, running, push ups, toe touches, dribbling the ball through cones, throw ins, scoring, etc.
  7. Quenching the kids' thirst
    Quenching the kids' thirst
    The kids are given a SportDisciple water bottle after eating to wash their meal down. Their team also takes a water break during practice to cool down from the hot Haitian days. They get a little silly sometimes but the water quenches their thirst and hydrates them in a much needed way.
  8. Clothing the kids in dignity
    Clothing the kids in dignity
    Each player has been given a uniform that they are able to take home and wear back for each practice, when they perform community service and for their Saturday games. They treat their uniforms like they treat their school uniforms. They take care of them and are very proud to wear and be seen in them.
  9. Giving back to the community
    Giving back to the community
    Every Friday afternoon, the kids meet at a church in one of the villages. They are given a peanut butter sandwich and water for lunch, they sing and pray and then they go out to meet up with an elderly person or gran. They give he or she several meals for the upcoming week, they sing with her, pray with her, clean up her trash often times go fetch water from the well. The goal is to care for, love on her and make the elderly feel special.
Our Vision and Goals
Our Vision
Our Goals
The vision behind Sport Disciple Brand Athletic uniforms and apparel is to provide living wage jobs in Haiti and to provide self sustaining resources to build Sport Disciple Sport Leagues all over Haiti and internationally.
The goals we hope to achieve are four-fold;  first, in order to fund the current program and introduce 2-3 new sites per year, the focus will be on selling SportDisciple jerseys and t-shirts.  Secondly, we want to develop strong Christian men and women who also have, leadership skills and a heart for helping others.
  1. Develop Leadership Skills
    When the kids are a part of the program another goal is to teach them leadership skills to use off the field, teach them what it means to be a good person, a kind person, the importance of respecting authority, their parents, their families and their friends, and the importance of giving back to their community. The coaches again use stories to teach these values so it is easy and clear to understand and hopefully put into action.
  2. Instill the importance of doing Act of Kindness
    Every Friday, approximately 200 of the soccer players meet at a church share a meal, to pray and to sing before going out into the community to help someone in need. Most often, the act of kindness is done for a Gran, or Grandmother in need. The kids fetch her water, pick up garbage near her house, bring her Feed My Starving Children meals for the following week, sing, pray and just love on the person. It is our way of teaching the kids the importance of giving back for all the blessings the program has given them. We believe they are paying it forward.
  3. Develop a new generation of strong Christian men and woman
    The Directors and coaches breathe life into the kids every day them come to the field by loving on the kids by hugging them, giving them high fives and speaking encouraging words while they are in the program. Stories are told about Jesus and who he is, how much he loves them, what grace is, and, why we should aspire to be more and more like jesus.
  4. Sell SportDisciple apparel
    SportDisciple branded t-shirts have already hit the market and it is our vision to introduce the sports uniforms very soon. The intent is to market the program through our own branded apparel and take the collective profits of all sales and invest in the current programs as well as to fund the development of new sites.Description
  1. Develop multi-site soccer programs across Haiti
    Our short term vision is two-found; first we want to continue to build the program at our current location by adding coaches and kids taking it from over 800 kids to 1200 by the end of 2016, second, we want to continue to roll out The SportDisciple Program across Haiti. A second location has been identified, funds to build the soccer field infrastructure are being raised and the coaches are conduction "roving gym classes" at all the schools near the new site to introduce them to SportDisciple, love on them and teach them about Jesus while the site is being prepared.
  2. Develop multi-site soccer programs across the nation
    Our long-term goal is to take the SportDisciple model and start up soccer programs across the nations. We believe that once all the programs are rolled out in Haiti,
  3. Introduce SportDisciple branded apparel
    The vision behind Sport Disciple Brand Athletic uniforms and apparel is to provide living wage jobs in Haiti. Living wages keep families together by proving more than double the minimum wage in Haiti, health benefits for themselves and their families, paid transportation (tap tap) to/from the factory and bonus opportunities.
Latest News

Next soccer location identified - Sport Disciple Director and Coaches do Community Outreach, "Roving Gym Classes" to introduce the program and meet the kids.

Before we put in our second Sport Disciple Soccer Program site we develop relationships in the community with these "Roving Gym Classes". The school staff & kids love it! We donate a set of PVC soccer goals & some indestructible soccer balls. We then pray, sing & do some skits. Then it's all games & soccer skill contests. Love to see them having a blast! Next site will have 500-600 kids, probably registered instantly. Can't wait!!
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