To develop an international, multi-sport, Christian Discipleship program that raises a new generation of selfless Christian leaders.​

Reaching 1500+ kids since July 4, 2015
Haitian Kids Playing
Meals Served Per Week
Teams Ages 4-19

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The Program

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The goal of our program is to build a “prototype” Christian discipleship program by incorporating Christian fundamentals, sports, community service, leadership development, life classes and nutrition programs that can be easily duplicated around the world. We don’t believe in the model of “handouts” but in the model of “a hand up“.  We believe that the effort and dedication that participants will have to put forth will instill high self-worth, determination, moral character and most importantly, a servant’s heart.

Filling the Kids with Encouragement and Hope​ 

Once the gates open, the coaches welcome the kids with high fives and hugs. They gather as teams to hear life giving messages, take time to talk about life and share words of encouragement with each other.     ​​

Filling the Kids Physically 

Sport Disciple is proud to partner with Feed My Starving Children to provide each child a much needed nutritious protein packed meal.     

Teaching The Beautiful Game  

The kids hit the fields to physically strengthen their bodies and learn how to play soccer. Our coaches are committed to teaching them to be the best athletes they can be!        

Giving Back to the Community 

Every Friday, teams meet their coaches and go to the homes of elderly people they have adopted. They bring locally made bread, water and Feed My Starving Children packs. They help with chores, pray, visit about current events, ask questions about the past, sing and love on them!
The Vision
  1. Develop Multi-Site SD Soccer Programs Across Haiti
  2. Develop SD Olympic Style Weightlifting Program Across Haiti
  3. Introduce and market our own SportDisciple Brand Uniforms to sustain and provide living wage jobs in Haiti



Develop International Multi-Sport SD Programs
Latest News
  1. January 25, 2017
    Community Service has expanded into the Lafito/Minotre villages!
    Players are proud to be able to serve the elderly in their villages.
  2. January 25, 2017
    Our staff has really grown in size and responsibility this past year!
    SD Director, Richy, has done a fantastic job raising up leaders in areas where they are gifted. We have coaches going with families to doctor appointments, making home wellness checks, leading worship and devotions, mentoring of younger coaches spiritually and in becoming men of God, also stepping up to share their knowledge and soccer skills to make all the kids the best players they can be.
  3. January 25, 2017
    Sport Disciple is ready to expand to its second location!
    We have been in discussion and planning with the community of Simonette to bring SD to them. The kids can’t wait!! Before we build a new Sport Disciple Soccer Program site, we develop relationships in the community through "Roving Gym Classes" and community meetings. Our coaches visit local schools and donate a set of pvc soccer goals and indestructible soccer balls. They share the SD vision, sing, have skits and play soccer with the kids.
  4. January 25, 2017
    SD brand apparel has fulfilled its first two outside orders!
  1. SD Roving Gym
    SD Roving Gym
  2. SD Roving Gym
    SD Roving Gym
  3. PVC Goals
    PVC Goals
  4. SD Roving Gym
    SD Roving Gym
  5. Roving Gym
    Roving Gym